An Artisan Bakery with Gifted Bakers

With more than 20 years in the industry, L'Artisan Valley Baking Company is a trusted bakery located in Thousand Palms, California. Along with outstanding food quality, we offer convenient support for clients, with prompt delivery and bilingual representatives.

Fresh Levain

Who We Are

An artisan baker is a craftsperson who is trained to mix, ferment, shape, and bake a handcrafted loaf of bread. Artisan bakers understand the science behind the chemical reactions of bread ingredients, and know how to provide the best environment for bread to develop.

Like glass makers, furniture makers, and jewelers, our bakers use fine materials that they know how to combine to build something outstanding. We can also combine our raw materials in different ways to create new, innovative shapes, textures, and colors. No matter what style of bread or pastry you want, the finished product is always something to behold.

What We Bake

You can tell when food is artisan by checking the ingredients. There should not be anything in bread other than flour, water, salt, and yeast. If the bread is made with a sourdough, yeast may not even be listed in the ingredients. All of the ingredients should sound like familiar foods, as bread is one of the most basic foods there is. It wasn't necessary to add chemicals to bread for centuries, and it still isn't today.

Of course, flavored bread may list other recognizable ingredients like nuts, garlic, herbs, or cheese. A Viennoiserie bread, for example, will include milk, butter, and/or eggs. Find our breads at certified farmer's markets throughout the Coachella Valley, and feel free to ask for more information about our bakers or ingredients.

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